Victorian Floor Tile

Victorian Floor Tile Examples

Homes built around the mid-19th century often featured a unique use of geometric patterns formed by combining tile.
County Tile can help you create this uniquely British style in your own hall, kitchen or path.

Showroom Exclusive:  Not available online. Please visit or call our showrooms to purchase.

Plan your perfect floor

Let us walk you through the process of organising your Victorian Floor Tile project. We can show you popular designs with our samples, or piece together some layouts at a design table. 

View our Victorian Floor Tile Brochure

We are happy to walk you through your options – and there quite a few – in choosing your design. Take a look at this brochure to get started. 

Choose your own colours

Because each pattern is built with individual pieces, you can choose from a wealth of design options. Your pattern can match the colour on the wall, a favourite painting or fixture, or whatever you choose.

Visualise your floor

We can create a computer rendering of your room with your selected pattern.

Showroom Exclusives

Below are available exclusively in our showroom, and are not available to purchase online. 

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