Size: 320 x 320 x 6mm
Material: Glass/Iridescent/Film Faced
Individual piece size: 25mm

  • Important Info

    Plastic film faced mosaics should be adhered in the same way as other mosaics, but with the film facing outwards. Leave the adhesive for at least 24 hours to allow it to completely set and dry
    before peeling off the film. If it’s necessary to make slight adjustments to straighten the mosaics before the adhesive sets, then cut the film carefully with a sharp knife. If the small pieces of mosaic come off when removing the plastic film it means that the adhesive has not been left long enough to dry. Use a sharp knife and cut small slits in the film to allow more air to the adhesive to speed up the process. When the adhesive is dry, remove the film by peeling it from one corner to the opposite corner.

    Some mosaics may have chipped edges. This is an inherent part of these tiles and add to the rustic effect

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