Size: 298 x 286 x 8mm
Material: Copper
Individual piece size: 98 x 30mm

  • Important Info

    Contain metal. Extreme caution must be taken when using metal mosaics in an electric shower.

    Always consult a qualified electrician before installation.

    Considerable care needs to be taken when installing Fusion Micro EW-FUSMIMOS and Torque EW-TORMOS as they have very sharp edges. Wear thick protective gloves when handling these mosaics.

    Torque should only be installed in situations where it will not be touched or brushed past as the surface is three dimensional and some edges will be sharp even after installation.

    Do not install in areas where it can be brushed past or where small children will come into contact with the surface. It is important to take this into account before choosing this product.

    Make sure that the grain of stainless steel is going in the same direction for all mosaic sheets otherwise it will affect the appearance of the installation.

    Some metal mosaics have a protective film covering either the whole surface or certain individual pieces. Keep the film in place during installation then carefully peel away. It is important to
    factor in time needed to peel off the film from some of those with film on individual pieces.

    Mosaics containing or made from copper are not suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, showers and wet rooms or exposure to excessive moisture. When exposed to air and moisture the coppermay, over time, form a patina of verdigris (a green coating). It is vital that this feature is taken into account when choosing copper mosaics.

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