Victorian Floor Tiles - Small Porch Tile Ideas

Victorian Floor Tiles - Small Porch Tile Ideas

Victorian Floor tiles are often associated with grandeur, restoration and luxury but the great thing about these tiles is that they work on both a large and small scale. Tom Harvey Original Style’s 3D designer gets asked lots of questions about Victorian Floor Tiles, especially from customers who want to add a touch of luxury to a small space in their home like porches, here are a few of his tips and ideas.


Keep it simple

Opting for a simple pattern like an octogan dot or a checkerboard is ideal for small spaces. Complex patterns are sometimes too big to get a pattern repeat which can make the overall look appear busy and complicated.

Size Matters

Whilst large format tiles have fewer grout lines and are brilliant for making spaces appear bigger on larger areas of walls and floors, using smaller tiles in a small area can help make the space feel bigger in comparison. Large tiles still look great but they might bring attention to the fact the area is small.


It’s in the detail

To create a bit of interest in a simple pattern, experiment with some patterned drop-in tiles. Adding even the smallest detail can complement a pattern perfectly, the same goes for borders.


Contrast the colours

Add contrasting colours to the surrounding areas especially in open spaces. If the area being tiled hasn’t got walls around it like a fire place surround or a step, contrasting the colours of the tiles helps add impact. This also works well with steps, as it means you’re less likely to trip. 

Finishing Touches

Adding a border is a beautiful finishing touch and there are plenty of variations to choose from. Infill is a great way to straighten up a pattern in a difficult space especially when dealing with tricky corners or wonky walls. It does mean though that there is less space for the pattern and border so make sure you consult your tiler and make sure that it is truly necessary when tiling a small place.

If you need more information or would like to discuss how to create the effect you are after, we are happy to help no matter how small or large your project!  Why not pop into one of our showrooms or your local retailer. Both have the facility to use our design assistance service. We would love to help you design something that fits your house in terms of style and size.

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