Traditional kitchen tiles – how to create a rustic country kitchen

Traditional kitchen tiles – how to create a rustic country kitchen

When designing a kitchen makeover, a great deal of thought goes into the look and feel of cabinetry, the style of worktop, paint colours, furniture, fixtures and fittings, but does as much thought go into selecting tiles? Lots of homeowners opt for paint on the walls in order to avoid having to install tiles, but this can be a false economy. Tiles provide a clean and hygienic surface that won't be damaged by cooking splashes or constant wiping, and can really enhance the décor of the space and make or break a scheme.


With a wealth of classic tile options available, what you choose can really enhance your traditional design. From decorative motifs, to colours and finishes, the tiles chosen can have a big impact. So what should you consider when creating a country style kitchen?


Decorative splashbacks

Even if you keep the rest of the space neutral, a decorative tiled splashback can be an excellent way of injecting some personality and interest. Practical too, you won't have to worry about splashes of water, oil or food as the majority of tile materials aren't fazed. Experiment with colour and pattern here, or stick to glossy whites.


Motifs/decorative tiles

Certain patterns and designs evoke images of a traditional or rustic scheme more vividly than others, such as hand painted designs or moulded tiles. Country scenes can be particularly evocative and large, decorative plaques take pride of place on many walls. There's no hard and fast rule with this, as it's up to you what effect you'd like to achieve. That being said, decorative drop in tiles look excellent amongst plain field tiles in a matching colour.


Traditional and rustic tiles

There are lots of tiles finishes that really lend themselves to a traditional kitchen environment, particular with flooring such as natural stone. Often featuring uneven edges, the uniqueness of each piece has a certain charm that works very well in rustic spaces. Some products can recreate the effect whilst providing less maintenance responsibilities than natural stone, such as porcelain, so do take this into account if you'd like a fuss free option over the real thing.


Using colour and pattern in a traditional kitchen

Creating a traditional style kitchen doesn't mean you're limited in colour or pattern - far from it! Any style of tile can work well as long as the choice fits in with the rest of the scheme. A fresh palette of white and blue works well with chrome brassware, and off whites and creams look great with brass. Don't be afraid to mix and match with patterned tiles either - this can create a really homely feel that is sure to capture attention.         

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