Tile of the Year 2020 revealed!

Tile of the Year 2020 revealed!

It’s here, it’s pink, it’s small format and it’s square: Deco Tayberry is Original Style’s Tile of the Year 2020.


After much deliberation, anticipation, discussion, planning (and even voting!) Original Style’s Tile of the Year for 2020 has landed. We are very excited to announce that the sophisticated, sumptuous and classic in design Deco Tayberry - part of Original Style’s Winchester collection of handcrafted English tiles - is set to be the must-have tile in the upcoming year.

This year Original Style is making its choice known to the world with the help of 2LG studio – a brilliant British interior design duo, who also happen to be well-known digital influencers and Metro columnists. They absolutely loved Deco Tayberry and were very happy to endorse it, as well as assist with the project’s official launch. How excited are we about that? We are very excited! Take a look at our Tile of the Year 2020 promotional video to see just how excited we all are!



Original Style has been nominating a Tile of the Year for the last three years. We are the first business in the tile industry to do so, but we are especially proud of this year’s choice, whose real beauty is reflected in its hand-crafted nature. Designed in-house at Original Style’s factory in Devon, Deco Tayberry is the epitome of British design. Each tile is hand-crafted by skilled artisans using the age-old screen printing method which, alongside its reactive inks, means each kiln produces a different effect, so no two tiles are the same. Deco Tayberry is available through a network of carefully selected retailers and cannot be purchased online. This is because we strongly believe in the traditional customer experience, which is based on examining the product in real life, talking to a tile specialist, and being able to count on advice and support offered by our stockists. In order to purchase the Tile of the Year 2020, please head over to our find a retailer page and find a showroom near you.

 “As interior designers, we approach our projects with one eye on the past and the other on the future. Deco Tayberry is the perfect representation of this motto. Square in format and with an arch motif, this gorgeous tile is a contemporary twist on classic tiling. Moving forward from the currently popular ‘millennial pink’, Original Style’s Tile of the Year’s blush and berry tones provide a softer approach, embracing the new heritage trend” - Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, 2LG Studio.

 “Vibrancy through colour is beginning to play a big part in interior schemes. It’s exciting to see people being bolder with their interior choices and during 2020 we’re expecting to see customers integrate more statement designs through greater injection of personality and individuality” – Jane Addis, Original Style’s New Products & Design Manager.

Through the combination of age-old production methods and contemporary style influences, this captivating tile isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but it also evokes personality and charm. With homeowners now branching out with their own design styles, the vision for 2020 is the embrace of heritage design, colour and individuality and Deco Tayberry is the perfect reflection of this interior design movement. We hope you like it!

…but if you’re not that bold with colours, relax. You can still be on trend – with the arch motif and a nod to the timeless appeal of Art Deco – by choosing a less challenging colourway. Deco Tayberry is part of the newly launched Manoir tile range, where soft yet vibrant glazes have been paired with intricate geometric patterns. Opt for a Papyrus, Pumice or Mint base with the Deco print to achieve a similar look, but in soft shades of green or blue. These designs make for a perfect singular statement but they also work very well together mixed in a melange. If by reading this blog entry you accidentally fell in love with the whole artisanal collection of Winchester tiles, please download the entire brochure and find yourself spoilt for choice.

To get your hands on Deco Tayberry or any of the other colorways from the Manoir Deco tile range, visit your nearest Original Style retailer.

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