Tapestry with tiles

Tapestry with tiles

Patchwork patterns have been around in interiors for years, from homemade patchwork quilts to hanging wall tapestries, the trend is still going strong. Modern interiors are now often inspired by patchworks, bringing in colour and texture to walls and floors, with tiles…


Chateaux Tiles

For many, kitchens are a neutral space with cream and white tiles and surfaces, but it’s easier to be creative than you think. Chateaux tiles from The Winchester Tile Company, come in 22 different styles and can be mixed to create a beautiful patterned splashback, or an entire wall, like below.

Chateaux tiles look especially beautiful when teamed with natural textures like wood and they work well with neutral walls and surfaces.

For bathrooms, we love Chateaux on Papyrus; these tiles are all a blue and white shade but still with a patchwork effect. If you look closely, you can see that each Chateaux tile is slightly different, with a textured effect that is the result of the deliberate use of glazes that ‘react’ on the surface. The combination of a rustic tile base and the reactive glazes produces glossy tiles that have a noticeably textured surface.


Decorative bricks

Earlier this year we launched our Artisan Decorative Bricks, 4 patterns on 5 different colour bases. The inspiration for these designs came from plants and flowers found in gardens and the English countryside. As shown below, you can create a patchwork effect by randomly mixing the patterns, or choose one design to create a backdrop behind a work surface, sink or hob.


The Odyssey Collection

To create a more contemporary look check out the Odyssey Tapestry Collection. These tiles come in a grey and blue colourway. For floors, try mixing together tiles from our Odyssey Primo range, these look great on an expanse of floor but evenly good in a narrow hallway.


For something really unique try this floral style pattern using these Artworks floral tiles, a twist on the patchwork trend. You could also team any of these floral tiles with Artworks field gloss tiles and mouldings, the possibilities are endless!

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