Say ‘Hello!’ to the new colourways in our Salisbury collection!

Say ‘Hello!’ to the new colourways in our Salisbury collection!

You can really leave your mark with an Original Style Victorian Floor design, creating a signature feature in your home, to be enjoyed for generations. Our Victorian Floor Tile range offers an array of shapes and colours as well as decorative patterned tiles lovingly handcrafted in England and we’re excited to introduce three new colourways to the iconic Salisbury collection!

Our design team love experimenting and finding ways to incorporate new ideas, patterns and designs into our collection and the new colourways created add a fresh feel to the classic Salisbury collection, while remaining true to its heritage.

Salisbury Taupe

Muted tones of Taupe and pale grey create a more pared back look for the traditional Salisbury design. These pastel tones look great in neutral schemes, offering a decorative option with a softer feel.

For a calming scheme with contemporary appeal, pair these tiles with soft beiges, greys and cream tones. For extra impact opt for an intricate glazed wall moulding like Egg and Dart from the Artworks collection to enhance the traditional detailing within the gorgeous tile design.

Salisbury Blue 

For an injection of colour, we’ve introduced a muted blue into the Salisbury design. The cool greys and monochrome tones of this tile paired with this denim blue shade create a striking look, perfect for those looking to add impact and detail.

Pair Salisbury Blue with rich shades of navy and even jewel tones for a space with a glamourous touch. For a more muted approach try pairing these tiles with Artworks Westminster Grey to create a calming, modern feel.

Salisbury Green

This colourway features a dark, earthy green shade alongside monochrome tones, for a classic look with a fresh touch of colour. These tiles look beautiful in period homes for a traditional look with a twist.

Layering green tones is a great way to add impact to a space. Pair Salisbury Green with Artworks Victorian or Edwardian Green tiles for an opulent scheme or, opt for a softer shade such as Winchester Panorama Pasture to build on Salisbury Green’s more earthy tones.

For more inspiration and ideas take a look at our Victorian Floor Tile Brochure, this helpful guide explains how to create your perfect Victorian Floor Tile pattern from start to finish. Laid out in colour order, presenting patterns that are both simple and more intricate, you can browse real life installations, our wide range of pattern and colour ideas and select a complementary border.

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