Patterned Tiles: Stylish Designs for Walls

Patterned Tiles: Stylish Designs for Walls

As well as colour and shape, texture and pattern are also key elements in interior design. So why not introduce some pattern into your tiling scheme to add interest and colour - whether you want to add a touch of flair to your country kitchen, or a statement to your contemporary bathroom, using patterned tiles can transform any area of the home.


Patterned tiles have grown in popularity as they bring instant impact and transform a room. They are also very durable, which makes them a practical choice for the home. We have lots of decorative tiles available in all sorts of sizes and formats, from bold patterns to create a real statement, to soft pastel tones, here’s some ideas to help you find a style to suit you and your home.

Playing around with colour and pattern is sometimes daunting, but a kitchen or bathroom can be transformed into something truly unique with patterned tiles. A patterned splashback is a great place to start if you only want to incorporate a little bit of pattern to your interior décor.

For something completely new, take a look at our new Manoir range. The irresistibly soft designs of Manoir feature 6 intricate geometric patterns, which are perfect for creating a refreshingly cool and contemporary look. Beautifully crafted and hand-finished, you can create a patchwork effect by randomly mixing the patterns in a melange, or choose one design to add charm and charisma to any interior.

Manoir tiles are perfect for those looking to create a feature wall, especially if your customers are looking for a way to inject a bit of personality and style into a practical space. They needn’t tile entire walls either, just the areas which are prone to spills and splashes making splashbacks a great area for the Manoir collection.

Gently catching the light, Manoir tiles add warmth and atmosphere to space. They can be teamed with coordinating plain tiles in the range as well as with mouldings. All of which are on existing Winchester base colours, Papyrus, Mint, Tayberry, and Pumice.


Patterned tiles can be mixed and matched to create a beautiful and unique patchwork, allowing addition of colour and interest to a plain wall.

Mosaics can also be used to cover an expanse of wall, or in many cases as strip borders and accents when teamed with other tiles. We have a huge number of Mosaics for walls that have decorative motifs and textured pieces, these look great in a bathroom either as a panel or to line an alcove. Mosaics have always been in style and they are a brilliant way to add an individual touch to your home in so many different ways. As well as being beautiful to look at, mosaics are incredibly practical.

If you want to add interest with a plain tile; how the tiles are laid will have a big influence on how a space is viewed and feels. Playing with angles is another good way to add pattern and interest to your design. The most common and simplest tile layout is ‘Straight’ (or Stack bond). This means the tiles are laid in straight lines so the grout lines end up like a grid.

Herringbone is an increasingly popular tile pattern, with an elegant and high-end finish. The striking, angular effect achieved with this pattern makes it perfect for accent walls and statement finishes.

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