New Year, New Kitchen – is it time for your kitchen makeover?

New Year, New Kitchen – is it time for your kitchen makeover?

Inspired by the chocolate shops in Bruges was how Sarah Newton, the owner of this elegant four bedroom home in Rochester, described the look she was trying to create in her kitchen and dining area.

Her main goal was to lighten the space whilst keeping in style with her Victorian period property. Sarah chose to use our Black and White Victorian Floor Tiles in a checkerboard pattern to help her achieve this look.

The kitchen floor installed by previous owners was an orange toned wood with monochrome kitchen units and appliances already in place. “The black and white colour scheme was led by the fact the kitchen was black and white already.”

Teamed with matt painted cabinets, these heritage shades create a period look that’s both on trend and traditional. Greys and neutral tones are ageless colour choices adding a quiet elegance when teamed with monochrome Victorian Floor Tiles - an appealing choice for traditional and modern homes alike. Their durable slip resistant qualities make them ideal for kitchens, as well as adding a timeless charm.

“As we were not altering the kitchen, the floor tile selection was paramount.  The previous floor was a modern wood and it just didn't fit in. We knew we needed a Victorian tile and having used Decoramic Tiles before we knew they supplied Original Style geometric floor tiles”

The perfect kitchen is different for everybody; whether you opt for a contemporary or traditional style make sure you do your research and consider the characteristics of your home. Sarah has redecorated several rooms in her home using Original Style tiles, creating a beautiful synergy throughout the property with a harmonious feel.

Preparation is key for achieving this seamless look, and after pulling up the old wood panels, Sarah discovered the floor was worse than expected. “The floor was awful in parts and for Victorian Floor Tiles the floor has to be flat.  Martin our tiler is a craftsman and perfectionist. He knew exactly what he was doing, but at times it was a challenge for him, at points the floor was out by 50mm!”

A good tiler can level out uneven floors like this as well as lay your tiles correctly, so if you are considering taking on the challenge yourself, consult a tiler first, sometimes we all need an expert’s advice!

Sarah’s advice is to “Plan carefully, even make a drawing and really research your tiler - good leveling to precise laying will maximize the effect of the tiles, as the preparation of a floor is so important. Our tiler Martin was recommended and his craftsmanship really shows with his attention to detail and perfectionism.”

Victorian Floor Tiles work beautifully in black and white and their hard wearing properties make them ideal for the daily traffic of kitchen and living areas. But, if you are looking to add a little more colour or for a more intricate pattern, check out our pattern swatches, we have plenty to choose from! For Sarah though, this was the perfect choice for her family kitchen, “although the family room is much cosier, we all now tend to gather here as it's become the family hub”.

“This kitchen was inherited and to alter it would involve planning permission and knocking down walls which we didn't have the budget for. So bearing that in mind, the floor was of utmost importance to get right. I believe we did it!  We are over-joyed with the look and quality of the tiles really shows.”

Take a look at Victorian Floor Tile patterns available from your local retailer click here.


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