Interior Trends 2022

Interior Trends 2022

Keeping abreast of the latest interior trends is something that we’re extremely passionate about. Not only is this an essential activity for when we’re producing and sourcing new tile designs, but it provides the opportunity to scour our existing portfolio and establish tile pairings that customers can use in their homes to ensure they’re also ahead of the curve. Essentially, we do all the research so you don’t have to!

Our designers, Jane Addis and Becca Keenan, are our in-house trend specialists and have established the following three key trends that are set to dominate the interiors scene during 2022.


Nature Nostalgia

The Nature Nostalgia trend is inspired by fresh blooms and pastel hues – both of which are set to be key design and colour styles for 2022. Encapsulating elements of the cottagecore trend, Nature Nostalgia embraces a simpler lifestyle that is harmonious with nature. From an aesthetic perspective, this trend has a more traditional feel but with a contemporary edge thanks to the heavenly pastel hues.

 “A story of spring fresh hues, colours and patterns inspired by floral dreams and modern tones. This trend encapsulates positivity, reconnecting with the outside world and finding joy in all things botanical” Jane Addis - New Products & Design Manager.

When it comes to getting the look with tiles, the options from Original Style’s ranges are almost endless. Choose from gorgeous pink and purple glazes in Winchester, modern pennyround designs in Mosaics or the soft yet striking Wildflower Rose design in the Living range to establish the perfect wall covering and bring Nature Nostalgia into your home.

There’s no need to look much further when considering the perfect floor tile either. Sticking with natural materials, Becca recommends keeping it neutral and let the walls do the talking;

“Wood effect flooring would complement this look perfectly. Try a soft beige for a traditional look, or a cool grey for a more contemporary style. To complete the trend, throw in some fresh or dried flowers as a finishing touch” Becca Keenan - New Products Designer.



Chic Boutique

Bring luxury and tranquillity into your home with Chic Boutique trend – creating a space that evokes the feeling of relaxation and indulgence when checking into a glamorous hotel room. Immerse your chosen space in our extravagant antique mirror, marble-effect tiles or even a striking pattern such as Penshaw Black from our Odyssey range to begin creating the foundations for achieving the Chic Boutique look.

“Inspired by the desire to create a unique eclectic space in our home, the Chic Boutique trend is reminiscent of luxurious boutique hotels where decadence and design rule the day” Jane Addis - New Products & Design Manager.

To further encapsulate the eclectic, city chic vibe that this trend has to offer, it’s imperative that a range of different tiles and materials are considered within a design scheme.

“Mix together matt, mirrored and metallic surfaces, pair with velvet accessories and rich colours to create a boutique inspired space in your home. Be bold with black geometric patterns and mosaics to bring the look together” Becca Keenan - New Products Designer.



Modern Minerals

Our Modern Minerals trend can be defined in three key themes: natural textures, earthy tones and large format surfaces. This trend is all about keeping it simple and mixing up natural textures with contemporary tile formats to achieve a modern, urban vibe.

“With a focus on bringing a calming tone, earthy textures and qualities of natural inspired products into your home, the best way to achieve the Modern Minerals look with tiles is to encompass our wood, marble and stone effect collections from our Tileworks range. Together, these materials will evoke a sense of tranquillity which, when paired with larger format product, will create a simplistic, pared back aesthetic” Jane Addis - New Products & Design Manager.

When it comes to styling, the opportunities are almost endless with this versatile interior trend. “Although simplistic, you can still be playful with this look. Through incorporating a range of different materials, you can exaggerate the featured textures to add depth and interest to your room. Brass is perfect for a touch of opulence or opt for more minimalistic accessories to keep your space sleek and clean” Becca Keenan - New Products Designer.


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