Interior Trends 2021: Home Hub

Interior Trends 2021: Home Hub

With many of us now working and schooling from home, the way we’re using the spaces that surround us on a day-to-day basis has changed significantly. Pre-2020, our homes were predominately places of relaxation, socialisation and recreation and now, with the restrictions imposed in response to the pandemic, our properties have become more multi-functional than ever before.

Our Home Hub trend looks at creating spaces, within the home, that are dedicated working areas with décor solutions to motivate and focus the mind. It’s important that these spaces are created in isolation to allow us to shift between working and recreational zones so our homes can be used efficiently for multiple activities. It’s incredibly important that working spaces are kept separate and distinct for our own well-being and our Home Hub trend will help you achieve just this.
For those who have a spare room or ample garden space, the natural step might be to create a working hub by converting a room into an office or investing in a garden room or shed conversion. However, if such spaces aren’t available, adapting existing spaces is also something to consider. By sectioning off an area of your living, dining, kitchen or bedroom you could easily establish a working ‘zone’ that has its own office vibe in order to create an isolated feel.

Our Pietra Lombarda tiles feature a subtle terrazzo effect which, alongside its large format, makes it a great choice for embracing the Home Hub trend. It’s 90 x 90cm size results in fewer grout lines creating an almost seamless, less busy interior space. Team Pietra Lombarda with our statement, palm print tile – Eden Hothouse – for a working hub that energises and exudes style.

If you’d prefer to opt for a wall covering that’s more pared back, our Eden Pergola tile - as shown in the above mood board - is a perfect alternative for a more understated look. 

For those who aren’t opposed to going bold, our Herald mosaic is yet another statement tile for capitalising on this trend. Featuring a combination of wood, stone and marble in a geometric formation, this tile has the right balance of industrial and natural textures for creating a distinctive, cool and contemporary working space

Watch our video below to discover more about Home Hub and to see how you could incorporate this trend into your home.


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