How to make the most of dark interiors using tiles

How to make the most of dark interiors using tiles

Often interiors lend themselves to a certain style, for example Victorian properties might have more traditional features and furnishings, but modern homes tend to have contemporary fixtures and fittings. Whatever style home, many homeowners focus on creating light where rooms are naturally dark but might be unaware just how striking the room could look by making the most of the darkness. It can be a tricky scheme to get right, so this week we’ve come up with a few ideas for creating wonderfully warm and cosy spaces with tiles for darker areas of the home.



For some properties there is little natural light in the hallway but this doesn’t have to be a negative, a dark interior (when styled well) can make for a fantastic impact on arrival. Here are a few examples:



Deep colours and warm hues make for a wonderfully indulgent bathroom and it’s a great room to commit to a bolder style. Blues naturally work well and look gorgeous in deeper tones teamed with grey and even black: 



Although many people worry about using dark colours in their homes, when used carefully they make for a calming, cosy and relaxing atmosphere. These kitchens are just that and have interesting sophistication about them too:

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