How to add character to your home with tiles

How to add character to your home with tiles

Adding character to your home can be a challenging task - but whether you’re living in a period property or modern new-build there are many ways you can add character to your home with tiles.

You might already have a certain look or style that you’re trying to recreate but if not, don’t worry - taking some time to research and think about how best to work with your space will reward you for years to come.

A good place to start is considering the style of your property. If you have a Victorian property with period features you might be leaning towards a more traditional style, but, if this isn’t your taste, you can still incorporate modern fixtures, fittings and accessories to create a dynamic style that suits you and your properties original architecture.


Period Properties

A period property is characterised by a distinctive architectural style- think Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian. Houses built in these era’s naturally come with a range of inherent characteristics, from bay windows and iron railings to stained glass windows and doors. Restoring these features is a good way to add character, especially with tiles.

Our Artworks collection offers an array of rich classic colours, detailed mouldings and decorated options perfect for those looking to update their walls whilst considering a properties’ historic style. They can be used in porches, hallways, kitchens and bathrooms to create a timeless look for years to come.


For a more farmhouse style, there’s our Winchester collection; home to a selection glossy glazed wall tiles in muted tones and rustic finishes, as well as coordinating mouldings to frame areas to perfection.  Team tiles from our Cosmopolitan range with natural wood tones, an authentic AGA-style cooker and shaker cabinets to create a country kitchen filled with character.



If you’re looking to create a more contemporary feel then explore the ‘New Heritage’ trend which is all about adding a new twist to an old classic. Our Victorian Floor tiles used in shades of grey are perfect for this.



Modern Properties

New builds won’t have the inherent features of a period property but they are a wonderfully blank canvas that you can completely make your own, rather than having to design around existing quirks like big ornate fireplaces that may not be your style.

A great place to start is deciding on a colour scheme and palette in order to create an interior that flows seamlessly. You may choose neutral tones and natural finishes or opt for bolder statement pieces with pops of colour. Creating a mood board of paint samples, tile options, fabric swatches and furniture will help you to see how your finished look will come together.


For bathrooms you can’t go wrong with a classic brick or subway tiles, bring in texture with our Winchester Elements range whilst maintaining and urban yet chic feel. Creating a synergy of old and new is also a great way to add charm to a space, try incorporating some vintage furniture pieces; we love this modern rustic setting with our Living tiles.


Most importantly when adding character to your home make sure to be true to your own tastes and style in order to create something truly unique and distinct, with whichever tiles you choose! 

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