Creating a feature wall with tiles

Creating a feature wall with tiles

Feature walls are a great way to incorporate colour, texture and character into a room.


Feature walls work especially well with tiles. Using one material or the same tiles for a whole room can sometimes look overpowering; introducing a variety of textures and colours is a great way to add interest to a plain space. Here are our tips for creating a feature wall with tiles:

  • Consider the size of your space. Depending on the colour and finish tiles can help to enlarge a small room, highly reflective glossy tiles or even mirror tiles can make the room feel much larger, even by just tiling one wall or a small area

  • Use feature walls sparingly throughout your space. The whole purpose of the feature wall means it is a unique element. Sometimes less is more and can look better depending on the size of your space, try Medina to add some stand out mosaic panelling

  • Get creative! Don't be afraid to use a bold splash of colour like Copper Leaf or a textured tile which contrasts beautifully against plain white tiles. The feature wall is the perfect place for using a daring tile without too much commitment to the whole room

You can work the rest of your room around a feature wall too, if you've already seen a bold colour or texture in which you want to incorporate it can be easy to decide on the coordinating colours and styles - much like working an outfit around the perfect shoes!


Head over to this week's inspiration page for a closer look at using tiles for feature walls and take a look at our Pinterest pages for more tips and ideas.

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