A to Z of Tiling - H is for Hallways

A to Z of Tiling - H is for Hallways

The Hallway: The first place you see when you enter your home but often the room left to last when redecorating. Of course it makes sense to leave it until the end as when renovating the kitchen, lounge and upstairs the hallway is exposed to lots of wear and tear! But the hallway can really tie your home together and what’s more welcoming than a beautiful entrance?


Often tiles are an afterthought but they can transform the overall look of your hall and they are hard wearing making them the logical choice for the floor; our floors face the daily traffic of muddy shoes, wet umbrellas as well as children and pets so they need to be durable.  Arguably Natural Stone is one of the hardest wearing materials available. Not only are most stone tiles durable but their beautiful unique characteristics make them an appealing choice.


Make a Statement

This space is the perfect area for something a bit different; we don't tend to spend a lot of time in the hallway so you can afford to commit to bold colours and daring patterns with Victorian Floor Tiles. If you're new to geometric floor tiles and unsure the style is for you then try a striking pattern in neutral tones like Chester Mews, Revival Grey and Dover White. Offset bold tiles with neutral walls to keep the focus on the floor.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are also excellent easy clean options, and vitrified versions, such as the Odyssey range, have been fired at very high temperatures to remove water. Porcelain tiles are also an extremely practical and cost-effective solution for hallway flooring - try something from the Tileworks range but be sure to check that your chosen design won't become slippery when wet.

It doesn't just have to be floors either wall tiles are also a great choice for hallways as they are easy to clean and durable. Choosing a neutral wall tile will create a timeless interior and will go with any flooring you decide, properly installed tiles last and last, so you're guaranteed a warm welcome for many years to come.


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