30 years of Victorian Floor Tiles!

30 years of Victorian Floor Tiles!

2020 is an exciting year for us here at Original Style because we’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of our iconic Victorian Floor Tile collection!

Our authentic collection began in 1990 and since then we’ve established an extensive range of shapes, colours, patterns and borders alongside hand-crafted decorative tiles. Over the last 30 years, Victorian Floor Tiles have become even more popular, especially for those renovating period properties. The introduction of more contemporary colours has enabled homeowners to create a wider range of looks, in modern muted greys and chic neutrals as well as the more traditional, red, buff and monochrome palettes.

With such a rich history and a seemingly flourishing future, we thought we’d take this opportunity to look through some of the most interesting, inspiring and unusual Victorian Floor Tile installations throughout the last three decades and explore just how timeless these tiles are.


Making it monochrome

When you think about Victorian Floor tiles you might envisage a beautiful black and white checkerboard path, or entryway into a period style property and this classic style is still one of the most popular today. There are few colour combinations that have as wide reaching and universal appeal as black and white – whether your style is contemporary, traditional, glamorous or even low key, you can always achieve it with this classic colour combo. Use alone for a striking and bold impression or as a base for adding pops of colour.

There’s no denying the impact of this classic look and it’s no surprise that the monochrome style is still so popular – just look at these gorgeous installations!


Creating something unique

If you’re a bit more adventurous and want to create something a bit different, our Victorian Floor tiles are definitely for you. Many people automatically assume that Victorian-style tiles can only be used in traditional patterns and layouts but this isn't the case. As patterns are made up of individual pieces in a range of shapes, you can create something entirely bespoke that suits your taste. Intricate patterns with lots of colours and shapes create a completely new dynamic and can be paired with modern touches, like metallics, velvets and lots of greenery for a fresh and vibrant feel.

Whether it’s your hallway, path, lounge, kitchen or bathroom, Victorian Floor Tiles will really add that ‘wow’ factor!


In neutral

Sometimes less is more and opting for a neutral colourway is a great way to add some understated impact. With warmer tones becoming more and more popular, these beige, taupe and mink hues are perfect for adding both warmth and elegance to a space – and these installations are some of the most stunning we’ve seen!


Keeping it vintage

Many of the most striking Victorian Floor Tile installations are those which incorporate the more traditional colours of red, buff, green and even blue as well as decorative ‘drop in’ tiles. These colours are perfect for recreating authentic features of a period property and they’ve stood the test of time in their style and design, making them a timeless choice.

Our selection of exclusive hand-crafted decorative tiles are designed and manufactured at our production site in Exeter, Devon, these beautiful pieces can be used as drop-ins within a Victorian Floor Tile pattern and/or border for added detail and timeless charm.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on our Victorian Floor Tile collection throughout 2020 and if you’re thinking about using these tiles in your home, visit your local retailer for more information, advice and ideas. 

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