An innovative one-step underlayment system and multi-purpose movement matting for floor tiling, designed to cope with multi-directional lateral substrate movement.


Suitable for use on most common substrates including solid timber and concrete, The Dukkaboard Matting range is compatible with all types of natural stone and tiles.​


Lightweight and durable, all Dukkaboard Matting products are quick and easy to install.

Problem Solvers


Resistant to rot and alkalis, Dukkaboard Mattings eliminate the risks linked with the common causes of tile failure and cracking associated with traditional building materials.



  1. Durable, lightweight and easy to fit

  2. Suitable for use on most substrates including timber or
    cracked concrete floors


  3. Heat bonded fleece to both sides for optimum connection

  4. Hydrophile fleece helps adhesive cure better and faster

  5. Stuck down with standard flexible tile adhesive

  6. Produced using over 70% recycled materials